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About .cn domains

CNNIC is the sponsor and is our backend provider for the country-code top-level domain name (ccTLD) .cn extension that represents China.

Who can register .cn domains?

Anyone can register .cn,,, and domains on a first-come, first-served basis.

  • .cn - Intended for China businesses or individuals.
  • - Intended for commercial entities.
  • - Intended for network infrastructures, such as Internet Service Providers.
  • - Intended for non profit.

Registration restrictions

When registering a .cn domain, you must follow specific requirements.

  • Must use: 2 - 63 Characters
  • Can use: Letters (a-z characters), numbers (0-9) and hyphens (except in the 1st or last characters of the domain name)
  • Cannot use: Special characters (e.g., & and #)
  • IDNs: Supported (Chinese on only .cn)


  • Registration length: 1-10 years
  • Renewal length: 1-10 years
    • Inactive domains will not have the option to update Auto Renew. To have this function you must first activate the domain name through real name validation, or you may cancel the domain.
    • Expired .cn domains may be restored without a redemption fee within the first 15 days after expiration. They are then recoverable from the 15th day of expiration to the 40th with a possible redemption fee. After the 40 days, the domain will be removed from your account.
  • Backorders: Not supported
  • Transfers to GoDaddy: Supported
  • Transfers away from GoDaddy: Supported
    • Transfer Lock: Supported
    • The domain cannot be transferred if domain will expire within 15 days.
    • A domain cannot be transferred for 60 days following a registration.
    • Cannot transfer a domain for 60 days after a transfer.
    • Cannot transfer a domain after a change of registrant for 60 days.
  • Transfers to another GoDaddy account: Supported
  • Basic privacy protection: Not supported
  • Protection plan upgrades: Not supported
  • CashParking: Supported
  • Contact Updates: Supported
    • If your domain has not been activated, contact updates can be made freely.
    • If domain has been activated through real name validation, you can only update your registrant organization, first name, and last name by completing real name validation for the new information. Other contact information can be updated freely.

Nameserver requirements

  • Must use: 0-6 Nameservers
  • Can use: IPv4, Unique IP address
  • Cannot use: IPv6, DNSSEC


For details on refunds, see our refund policy. Most domains will follow the Standard Refund Terms, but certain domains may have exceptions or may not be refundable at all. Review the information under Products with Special Refund Terms > Domain Name Registrations/Renewals and Products Not Eligible for Refunds.

More info

  • Want to register a .cn domain? Search for your domain today.
  • Want to register a domain? Search for your domain today.
  • Want to register a domain? Search for your domain today.
  • Want to register a domain? Search for your domain today.
  • Check out our most common domain articles to get started with your .cn domain.