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Add a Video block in WordPress

You can add a video block to your pages or posts in WordPress.

Need a little extra guidance? Get expert video creation advice from a GoDaddy Guide.

  1. Open the block editor (Need help opening the block editor?).
  2. Select Add block.
  3. Select Video from the Common Blocks section.
  4. Choose how you want to add the video:
    • Upload - Select media stored on your own computer.
    • Media Library - Allows access to Stock Photos and the Media Library.
    • Insert from URL - Provides a field to paste the URL of a video that is already hosted online(e.g. YouTube), this is the most common choice for videos.
  5. Select Insert from URL.
  6. Paste the URL for your video into the provided field.
  7. Select Apply.
Animation that demonstrates how to add a video block

Note: Please remember to update your page or post after editing.

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